(signature class)

Every class is a yoga party! We PUMP up the jams, yoga, sweat, dance, laugh and sculpt. No two classes are identical, but the result is the same -- your body gets an invigorating and intense mental and physical workout!  Hand weights are used, but are optional since you still can enjoy all benefits of class  without them. Tone muscles and get your heart pumping while building strength of body and mind. And have a blast doing it! Set to fun, upbeat tunes to keep the party goin'.



Vinyasa Flow with a kick! Work on core strength. Feel powerFUL in an upbeat, playful yoga class set to dance, rock, New Wave, and pop tunes. Class is infused with sweat, love and laughter. This class offers creative sequences that encourage you to explore your yoga practice and take it to a new, exciting level. Variations are always provided to allow all students to enjoy the power of flow!



Cleanse your body and soul with this moving meditation.  Anyone from beginners to students with injuries to seasoned yogis can benefit from gentle yoga. Relax, let go, and stretch. Focus on breathing exercises that you can weave into your daily routine. Leave your fears, worries and pre-conceived notions of what yoga SHOULD be and find out what it COULD be for you. Set to calming tunes to increase the peace in your practice.



When you want emulate strong vibes without the Flow, this is the class for you. Crank it up a notch from your gentleVIBE and focus on a variety of poses while infusing a strong, conscious breath into your practice. Embrace the beauty of the unknown as you allow yourself to be open to new possibilities in your yoga journey! 



This Vinyasa encourages students to slow things down in a fast-paced world -- both physically and mentally. Enjoy an invigorating yoga class that will carry many themes, styles and intentions. Learn ways to move with power and purpose instead of going through the motions. Take your time getting into the poses, hold them a little longer, work on stronger alignment, and dig deeper into your yoga practice. Set to a variety of sweet, powerful tunes. 


Special Events

We offer small group classes in addition to regularly scheduled classes. Book your next office wellness incentive, girls' night, birthday celebration, couples class, or bachelorette party at Villa Vibes!  We offer these classes at the studio, OR at your home or location of your choice! HAVE MATS, WILL TRAVEL.


Private Sessions

Each class is tailored to your specific needs and goals, whether you are recovering from an illness or injury, are new to yoga, want to increase your strength, flexibility and balance, or want to dive deeper into your practice in a more private setting.